The previous article we published, “The Most Common Types of Auto Collisions, the Damages that can Happen, and How They used to be Fixed” was an extensive review on what the autobody shop near you might have done in the past to fix your car after a major or minor auto collision accident. Your autobody shop should have the appropriate modern technologies to fix it right from scratches and small dents to completely repairing a damaged frame. Even if the damage does not affect your car’s driving condition, it is still pertinent to repair the autobody as problems can snowball into more detrimental damages.

An expert autobody technician was interviewed so that the answers to our questions would contain the latest up-to-date information. The following six questions have helpful information whether you are searching for a new autobody shop or just curious about the proper way to fix the autobody.

1. What is the most common way to fix dents on metal panels?

The most common way to fix dents on metal panels is to straighten the metal whenever possible with specialty tools. The kind of tools we use in our Surprise, AZ Autobody and collision repair shop are as follows: body hammer, grinder, dollie, file sanders, and rivet guns. Paintless dent repairs uses different tools such as LED lighting, hammers tap downs, and glue pulling kits. See the following photos of paintless dent repair work being performed.

auto collision repair photo

Auto Body Repair photo

2. What is the most common way to fix dents on plastic panels?

There are several types of plastic. We use heat and repair material that matches the construction of that particular material. It is essential to match the original material for a flawless finish.

3. What important technologies do autobody shops need to repair damaged frames?

To repair damaged frames, a laser-guided measuring system is used. We have the chief system. You also need to use the ADAS (advanced drivers assistance system). This calibrates the car to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure all the safety features are properly calibrated. It is crucial for your safety that your autobody shop has this technology.

4. What is the most common way now to repair a cracked windshield on a new car, and when do you replace the whole thing?

A windshield can be repaired as long as the cracks haven’t run and spread throughout the glass. To repair a cracked windshield, a special type of resin material is used to fill the damaged area.

5. When do you need to repair deformed wheels, and what is the most common problem and fix regarding wheels?

Most wheels have superficial damage to the face and lip of the wheel. Some dings or scratches can be repaired, but it depends on the wheel finish type. If the tire isn’t able to maintain air because of damage to the wheel, it would have to be replaced.

6. What is the number one way to fix a common paint scratch?

Oftentimes, scratches in the paint can be buffed to be removed or made invisible. When this is not possible, painting is the only repair that will make the scratch no longer visible.

As autobody technology advances with the times, your local autobody shop must know exactly what they’re doing and using the correct tools and technology. Not just the automotive tools and technology is advancing, but also the vehicle itself has gone through many changes that affect its fix.